(i) Ensure that all programmes are implemented in accordance with the Guidelines.

(ii) Facilitate coordinated solution to remove constraints of any kind.

(iii) Facilitate the smooth implementation of priorities determined by the DPC.

(iv) Resolve matters related to provision of land and space for faster roll out of priorities.

(v) Guide DPCs about all the national programmes and how they can be leveraged for transformation of the district.

(vi) Identify issues for follow up in Parliament, State Assemblies and Local Governments for timely achievement of objectives.

(vii) Intensively monitor all time bound national initiatives for universal coverage.

(viii) Address implementation constraints to improve designs of approved programmes or to make mid – course corrections.

(ix) Look into complaints/alleged irregularities received in respect of the implementation of the programmes, including complaints of wrong selection of beneficiaries, mis-appropriation / diversion of funds and recommend follow-up action. The Committee should have the authority to summon and inspect any record for this purpose. The Committee may refer any matter for enquiry to the District Collector/CEO of the Zilla Panchayat/Project Director of DRDA (or Poverty Alleviation Unit) or suggest suitable action to be taken in accordance with the rules which should be acted upon by him within 30 days

(x) Closely review the flow of funds including the funds allocated, funds released by both Centre and the State, utilization and unspent balances under each Scheme.